Bloom Wellness Massage - "' the little healing room''

Good value rates to make massage therapy of high standards easier to maintain.

Professional quality massage table, refreshing aromatic pure scents, natural massage oil.


*Please be aware there is no medical care offered, any advice, suggestion or treatment is taken at your own risk. We recommend consulting the proper medical professional as needed.

Massage Therapy rates 2018


 also makes a great gift someone you care for


Massage Therapy rates for all services see treatment page

30 minutes = 45 euro *40 euro* promo rate

45 minutes = 55 euro

60 minutes = 70 euro  *65 euro*promo rate

75 minutes = 80 euro

90 minutes = 95 euro



 * all prices include VAT * prices are subject to change without prior notice

 *Massage Therapy to Workplace, Wellness Massage Gatherings for Women's Social, After Sport Event , Group Sound sessions estimate available upon consultation