Bloom Wellness Massage - Specialized Massage Therapy

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massage therapy

Bloom Wellness provides personalized & expert quality massage therapy for muscular, sports, occupational & stress related conditions in a relaxed setting.

23 years of experience

Canadian Licensed RMT

Highly skilled & trained  health care specialist.

Who can we help?

- you have muscular tension, stiffness or pain/discomfort, trigger points, chronic pain

-you experience high levels of stress

-you challenge your body with exercise, yoga and sports

-you get headaches

-you don't sleep well

-you sit long hours behind a desk










specialized treatments

IMPROVE Health naturally,

Goal oriented treatments to reduce pain & muscular tension, restore effective range of motion, feel better, increase your energy level, relax & calm your nervous system.

Specialized Massage Therapy provides hands-on soft tissue manipulation of muscles, fascia, joints, tendons & ligaments.

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release

Pregnancy/ Post-Partum

Therapeutic Massage for:

- Stress & Relaxation

.-Neck & Arm pain

- Shoulder tension/pain

-  Upper & Low back pain

- Trigger points (knots)

- Chronic pain

-  Psoas & Hip pain

- Foot, Calf & Leg pain

- Headaches

- Scoliosis

- Sciatica

- Poor Posture

- Abdominal & digestive issues

- Fibromyalgia

- Sports related stiffness & pain














Holistic Treatments

JOURNEY naturally...relax & explore energy vibration with the sounds of quartz singing bowls book a

private session

Reiki & Sound  Healing,

Women's Sacred Sound Belly Massage,

Quartz Singing Bowl Sound Therapy



Body Alignment Therapy

Align & correct muscular imbalances in the body from head to toe.





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