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- Massage therapy

Bloom Wellness provides highly skilled, specialized massage therapy personalized in helping you feel your best..

20+ years of experience

Canadian Licensed Massage Therapist RMT  (Protected title in Canada)- Canadian RMT's are health care professionals specialized in  a wide variety of muscular conditions, chronic pain and  problematic areas including tight fascia and myofascial trigger points.


Custom made treatments for  neck, back, shoulders complaints, chronic pain,  stress reduction,  occupational related conditions, sports related issues, pregnancy & post partum  


Cozy & relaxing treatment room with soothing music,  Plants welcome you with peaceful energy.


You can expect the highest standards, personalized attention and quality treatments.   


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Stress affects our daily performance, concentration, sleep, feeling out of balance, neck, back, shoulder pain, shallow breathing and so much more.....


A Bloom Sound Resonance & Massage Journey awakens the breath of the listener, relaxes the mind, and retunes the body & spirit.


15 years  experience - sound healing practitioner working with clients from all walks of life...


A unique personalized session combining a signature neck, back, shoulder massage with crystal singing bowls and other soothing instruments from around the world, carrying you on a natural inner healing journey.


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