Bloom Wellness Massage - Specialized Massage Therapy

massage therapy

Massage Therapy at Bloom Wellness provides specialized hands-on soft tissue techniques for a variety of physical complaints or stress reduction.


Regain Health

Look Better, Feel Better

Move & Perform Better


 Bloom Workplace Wellness Massage

available upon request


specialized treatments

Improve Mobility, Flexibility, Performance with

Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Specialist


Reduce physical discomfort with

Pregnancy Massage & Post- Partum  Massage Therapy


Reduce Pain & Improve movement with Neck, Back, Shoulder Massage


REGAIN YOUR ATHLETIC EDGE Sports Massage Therapy for Runners, Triathletes, Cyclists


Recover and regain health naturally

Burnout Recovery RELAXATION Massage


Manage your stress

Sound Therapy Meditation







what to expect

Expert Quality Treatments from a Canadian highly trained professional  with 20 years of experience.


A brief consultation to determine specific physical complaints or areas in need of focus.


Treatments are personalized to all individualized needs.


Good value rates


Relaxing & Cozy atmosphere


English speaking,  work in progress with Dutch Language

 (Dutch speaking is welcomed)




""Angela is super experienced in her field.

I especially love her trigger point therapy.

She has helped me with all my aches & pains.""

-Marigai, Amsterdam



''An excellent runner's massage

that pinpoints all the right spots

and leaves legs feeling instantly lighter

and more elastic""

Lindsay, Amsterdam