bloom WELLNESS MASSAGE - ''The little healing room""

Bloom(v):  to flourish or thrive - Wellness(N):  the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind.  Bloom Wellness Massage  offers highly specialized therapeutic massage & holistic services.

massage therapy

Massage Therapy provides specialized techniques & care with hands-on soft tissue manipulation of muscle, fascia, tendons & ligaments for the purpose of optimizing health & wellbeing. A positive & therapeutic effect acting on the muscular, nervous, & circulatory systems.

Massage is healing for the mind, body, & soul


Regain Health

Look Better, Feel Better

Move & Perform Better


It's time to bloom!

I am looking forward in helping you feel your best

specialized treatments

Therapeutic Massage

Massage for Runners, Triathletes, Cyclists

Relaxation & Holistic Massage

Trigger Point therapy

Pregnancy & Post-Partum Massage

 Sport Massage & Preventative Injury Care

Massage Therapy can be beneficial for Common Complaints & Conditions

Occupational & Stress related conditions

Muscle tension & tightness


Chronic Neck, Back Shoulder Pain/Discomfort


Trigger Points (painful knots)

Stress - Burnout - Anxiety

Scoliosis - Trigger Point Therapy

Sport Injuries

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Chronic pain


Poor Posture

Sleep Deprivation

and many more conditions


why choose bloom wellness massage

Highly skilled Certified Canadian Trained Massage Therapist


 18 years of experience


 Personalized attention tailored to your needs


Safe, Effective & High Quality Treatments


Relaxing & Welcoming atmosphere


Attentive, Caring, Professional Service


""Angela is super experienced in her field.

I especially love her trigger point therapy.

She has helped me with all my aches & pains.""

-Marigai, Amsterdam



''An excellent runner's massage

that pinpoints all the right spots

and leaves legs feeling instantly lighter

and more elastic""

Lindsay, Amsterdam