Bloom Wellness Massage - Specialized Massage Therapy for Expats & Dutch both welcome

Bloom(v):  to flourish or thrive - Wellness(N):  the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind.

massage therapy

Massage Therapy provides specialized techniques & care with hands-on soft tissue manipulation of muscles, fascia, tendons & ligaments.

Massage is healing for the mind, body, & spirit

restoring health naturally


Regain Health

Look Better, Feel Better

Move & Perform Better



specialized treatments


Therapeutic & Remedial Massage,Trigger Point Specialist


Pregnancy Massage Therapy


Chronic Neck, back, shoulder pain


Massage Therapy for Runners, Triathletes, Cyclists

 Sports Massage Therapy & Preventative Injury Care


Stress Related Conditions - Headaches, Aches & Pains


Relaxation/Burnout Massage


Unique Holistic Treatments

Crystal Sound Shower Meditation








why choose bloom wellness massage

Located in a peaceful & unique area in Amsterdam Oostelijk Havengebied


Highly Qualified Canadian Trained Therapist

18 years of experience

Specialized in Pregnancy, Therapeutic, Sports Massage Therapy & Stress Related Conditions


Personalized attention tailored to individual needs


Safe, Effective, Hygienic Treatments


Attentive, Caring, Professional Service


""Angela is super experienced in her field.

I especially love her trigger point therapy.

She has helped me with all my aches & pains.""

-Marigai, Amsterdam



''An excellent runner's massage

that pinpoints all the right spots

and leaves legs feeling instantly lighter

and more elastic""

Lindsay, Amsterdam