Bloom Wellness Massage - Specialized Massage Therapy

20 years of experience - Canadian Licensed Massage Therapist

massage therapy

Massage Therapy at Bloom Wellness provides advanced therapeutic and relaxation massage in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

Special focus includes -Pregnancy

-Neck, Back, Shoulder issues,

-Chronic pain

-Occupational and Stress related conditions

-Sports related physical complaints










specialized treatments

Relieve aches & pains, Improve Movement & Flexibility with

Therapeutic Massage, Swedish/Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy


Relax throughout your pregnancy with less physical complaints

Pregnancy Massage & Post- Partum  Massage Therapy


Reduce muscular tension & pain, Improve posture, prevent headaches with Neck, Back, Shoulder Massage


REGAIN YOUR ATHLETIC EDGE Sports Massage Therapy for Runners, Triathletes, Cyclists









Holistic Treatments

Relax & de-stress, Recover and gain health naturally with

Relaxation Massage/Burnout Recovery Massage


Meditate with crystal sound bowls, a one-on--one unique session

Sound Wellness Meditation


Explore alternative healing with energy work

Balancing Reiki Massage




""Angela is super experienced in her field.

I especially love her trigger point therapy.

She has helped me with all my aches & pains.""

-Marigai, Amsterdam



''An excellent runner's massage

that pinpoints all the right spots

and leaves legs feeling instantly lighter

and more elastic""

Lindsay, Amsterdam