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I would like to talk about the benefits I have gained to my health through treatment by Angela . For almost 8 years I had chronic neck and shoulder pain.  I had been treated by a Chiropractor who sometimes would have to treat me 3 times a week. This continued for almost 5 years. I was suffering headaches almost daily, immobility in my neck and at times could not even wear a hooded shirt or any type of bra with crossed straps, the pain would be excruciating. Soon after another Chiropractor treated my problem and stated it was muscular.  I started seeing Angela for treatments. Angela was able to tease out the repetitive movements I was unconsciously making in my work as Mental Health Counsellar. She was able to keep my muscles from becoming chronically tight and gave me a holistic way of looking at problems. Her treatments have been very professional and she has gone the extra mile in teaching me about my posture, relaxation techniques, stretches and also how the psyche is an important part of healing.  Spirituality, emotions, physicality, and perceptions are all part of the healing and thanks to Angela I am finally pain free, and able to continue my life in a very balanced way.  I have experienced all the different avenues that Angela provides for treatment and they have all been very helpful in my recovery..Thank you, Angela -  Frances

I am a massage "addict" and have been to dozens of massage therapists in numerous places all over the world and I have yet to find a massage therapist as good as Angela! She structures each massage to cater to every individual persons need. Whether your goal is relaxation or therapeutic or sports massage or pregnancy massage, or want to try her AMAZING Thai stick foot reflexology massage  Angela does it all! 
Her unique treatments supported by a calming and soothing environment, will have you and your muscles feeling totally relaxed and well taken care of! 
www.endurancerebel.com  Sports Blog pg 3, Oct 26, 2015 "'BUILDING YOUR TEAM"': THE NEED FOR A GREAT SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPIST  Matt,

This massage therapist knows her stuff. An excellent runner's massage that pinpoints all the right spots and leaves legs feeling instantly lighter and more elastic, Highly recommended . Lindsey


Angela is an amazing massage therapist. She is a specialist in several different treatments.  She listens and knows exactly how to dress the issue you experience. At the end of the treatment she goes into great detail of what is going on in your body. Angela is very experienced and has developed her own unique techniques.. She worked on my entire body and concentrated on specific areas that needed attention. She is professional and very calming, making me feel comfortable the whole time. The massage room is cosy and has got a warm atmosphere. In the background you hear nice soft music playing. -  Wilma


This is a great place to get a deep relaxation or healing massage. Angela is a very skilled professional person with a gentle spirit, and you are in good hands there. Cozy place. Marie


 Massage Therapy at Bloom Wellness is performed with professional, knowledgeable and personal ability. Angela's training and years of experience with a variety of clients presents itself in each treatment .I have included massage therapy in my physcial and mental life for over 10 years while living in the USA. I could not be happier to find a massage therapist here in Amsterdam with such skill and knowledge. I am a runner and Angela has helped me to remember key maintenance tips for keeping my running fluid and pain free.I highly recommend Bloom Wellness Massage for the variety of treatments Angela can provide for your wellness.

 Jodie ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Angela is super experienced in her field. I especially love her trigger point therapy . I highly recommend that. She has helped me with all my aches and pains. You feel comfortable with her from the start and she really knows what she's doing. Highly recommend her services.



Angela is an intuitive and gifted massage therapist. My sessions with her have liberated some long-held tension in my back, due to an array of issues including scoliosis and a pinched nerve. She brings knowledge from both Eastern and Western disciplines to her practice, and uses time efficiently to appropriately address the variety of issues affecting one"s body. I highly reccommend her. Julianne


 Angela combines several schools of thought in her massage techniques and its quite clear she's very experienced and intuitive. She knows excactly what you need. No matter how stressed i am, she always makes my muscles melt in the most relaxed state of bliss. To top it all, she uses the best quality oils that are out there that will make your skin sing. Richa

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________THE REIKI &  Sound Healing was incredible!! Good from the beginning to the end. Can't describe the feeling afterwards but i wanted to stay in the bubble forever. I will definitely book a session again in the future if the stress comes back again. Thank you!! Giao


As a big fan of Angela's therapeutic massages, which are really beneficial for my lower back and shoulder issues, I experienced a wonderful Sound Therapy session.. It is hard to explain in words but you feel the crystal singing bowls resonate deep in your whole body. They make you go into kind of a meditative trance that is very relaxing and rebalancing. I enjoyed my massage even more after the healing sessions with the bowls. I highly recommend Angela and everyone should try this special Sound Healing Massage. Antoinette


After three times having a massage with Angela with her wonderful power hands i decided to experience her Reiki & Sound Healing. The crystal singing bowls gave me these beautiful sound-flows silently entering my cells and body. So beautiful, so strong, so healing all surrounding me. Nice pictures came into my vision and slipped away again, tingling feelings and warm vibrations in my body, Energy!!. I highly recommend Angela's Reiki & Sound Healing and her therapeutic massages. She is highly professional and a caring person. Thank you Angela - Marese


 I tried Angela's Sound healing because i wanted to try something new to manage my stress .I was pleasantly surprised on how the sounds had a good effect on me.  This was not just an auditory experience, i had a full body sound vibration massage. In my experience, the sounds acted as a focal point that reduced my usual mind chatter leading to a release of deep rooted tension and emotional blocks stored in my body for quite some time. Angela is truly gifted in knowing what the body needs. I highly recommend this Sound Therapy. Carolina


The sound therapy with Angela supported my experiencing a deeper state of relaxation and overall stress reduction. With regular treatments my sleeping patterns improved and i found more cognitive clarity and enhanced ability to listen to my body. Whitney


This was my first time getting a sound therapy and it was awesome. The feeling is out of this world and something you have to experience personally  to comprehend. The vibrations from the sound gave my body the most relaxed feeling. I feel completely transformed, relaxed, peaceful and energized. You feel it more the next day. Angela makes you feel at ease and comfortable. I highly recommend haveing a session with her. Juliet