COVD-19 Awareness Protocols

1.5 meter distance during a session is not possible, therefore precautions will be in place.

A mask must be worn while entering the location.  A disposable mask can be provided for you if you feel that your cotton mask is too heavy to wear.

While client is laying on their back face up, both therapist and client will wear a mask.

When client is laying face down on their belly, a mask can slip down with nose exposed to breathe better.

The therapist is healthy and expects the same for the client to show up symptom free of covd-19 or *no signs of the common cold or flu.*

If you have been tested covd-19 negative, please do not book if you have a* common cold or the flu* since germs can still spread.

There is no charge for cancellation due to symptoms appearing.

A wellness check for no signs of covd-19 or cold/flu will be sent the day before of treatment.


Hygiene is a highly regarded standard as a Canadian licensed therapist & a high priority at Bloom Wellness.

Hand washing, disposable face mats, disinfected face cradles, floor disinfected, sheets changed after every client guaranteed.


Treatment room has a window that will be opened for fresh air circulation.

Please buzz at your scheduled time or 2 minutes before session. No sooner than necessary please.

2 payment options available

cash or digital with ING payment request (also known asTikkie)


Thank you for your cooperation:)


 *Please be aware there is no medical care offered, any advice, suggestion or treatment is taken at your own risk. We recommend consulting the proper medical professional as needed.*



2021 RATES - What to expect.....

-Highly skilled specialized treatments.

-Conscious care in providing high quality & good value treatments

- Natural high grade massage oil, quality sports creams


Specialized Massage Therapy - 20 + years of experience

For service description see treatments page

Full Treatment minutes provided ( Specific intake questions to determine treatment goal is extra free time up to 5 min.

Therapists Signature Massage (Therapeutic, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point Therapy

 * not covered under insurance

30 minutes  - 50 euro

45 minutes - 65 euro

60 minutes - 80 euro 

75 minutes - 100 euro

90 minutes- 120 euro


Specialized Neck, Back, Shoulder massage

30 minutes - 50 euro

45 minutes - 65 euro

60 minutes - 80 euro


Specialized Pregnancy Massage 

50 minutes - 65 euro

 Pkg of 5 = 300 euro


Post-partum Massage

45 minutes - 65 euro, 60 minutes - 80 euro,

75 minutes - 100 euro


Signature Sound Healing

60 min session - 90 euro


Wellness Healing Massage -

60 min - 80 euro, 75 min - 100 euro, 90 min  = 120 euro



  *prices are subject to change without advanced notice