About Angela - massage therapist

Hi, I am Angela.


I am from Canada, and currently live in Amsterdam with my Dutch husband.

 I am a licensed massage therapist RMT with 23 years of experience, dedicated in helping others, and am still passionate in my field of expertise.

My training is a clinical based program followed by successful rigorous clinical board testing & examinations which qualifies as a regulated health professional RMT in Canada. The training emphasizes on extensive knowledge in muscular conditions, sports injuries, anatomy, pathology, the muscular & nervous system.


I work with men & women of all ages including teenagers, adults and seniors.

   My special interests includes therapeutic massage for a wide variety of muscular conditions, deep tissue/trigger point therapy, chronic neck, back, shoulder pain,  scoliosis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, sports massage for runners/triathletes/cyclists, pregnancy massage & stress related conditions.


I understand that every client is unique and will listen well to personalize each treatment to meet individual needs.


I have been a Reiki practitioner for 20 years & a sound healing therapist for the past 13 years.

I offer a very unique treatment combining Reiki & quartz singing bowls as a sound therapy. This is a holistic based session tapping in to many levels for your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual wellbeing.



In my experience with North America, massage therapy is an active form of health maintenance.  My goal while living in Europe is to promote that massage is not just a luxury but a necessity for good care. Massage therapy strengthens the immune system, rejuvenates the mind and nervous system, re-energizes the body, reduces stress and muscle pain, improves circulation,  movement, and posture.


I am looking forward in helping you feel your best!