sound for the soul coaching

Sound facilitators may use external instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks as a form of therapy ... however there is no tool more powerful for healing than the human voice....


Sounding - definition - emitting or producing a sound or sounds - also known as vocal toning


Sounding is using your own authentic voice that can transform negative thoughts while cleansing and aligning  your natural energetic self.


No singing experience required because vocal toning is far from singing.. It does not require a melodic, beautiful, perfect pitch.

Sounding offers an internal projection of resonant frequencies that can shift energy into a healthy vibration in your body. You will learn how to subconsciously tap into to your authentic voice for transformation and rejuvenation. Freeing your voice and subconscious thoughts offers and opportunity to reconnect with your true self.


You will be guided how to listen, connect with your body & how to exercise sound vibration,  learn about your energy centers (chakras) & recognize your blockages, access your voice to clear stuck energy, ease emotional/ physical pain & integrate coherent emotions for body, mind, and soul alignment. This is a unique form of internal awakening that provides many benefits for vibrant health and an effortless way to reduce stress.


The voice is the most powerful tool to connect and heal yourself at a spiritual, emotional, mental, and possibly the physical level. If you struggle with meditation because you cannot tame your busy mind, sound vibration provides a unique access to switch on a relaxation response.


Sound frequencies has the amazing ability to clear and align the energetic body system, re-align cellular tissue at a molecular level, transform emotions, boost nitric oxide (circulation),  balance hormones, reduce stress & depression, improve sleep quality, calm the nervous system, boost immunity, ease emotional & muscular pain.


Sound for the soul program sessions will allow you to set yourself free and gain confidence in your voice & self-healing abilities. Your voice is your heart & soul activation that provides endless healing.


It is time to activate your healing voice & enjoy vibrant health...


About me and my connection with sound healing..

 As a child, i would naturally project vocal toning freely, then as a young adult i started to research ancient tones and the connection with chakras. My intuition strengthened as i began to meditate and apply sound into my daily  practice.. In 2007, i had an unplanned healing experience where i was ready to do Reiki with my hands on my friend's back pain, but instead to my amazement while going with the flow, spontaneous resonating tones sounded out for a minute and my friend's severe herniated back pain disappeared for 8 hours. I researched the next day on google with key words sound, voice, healing and found Tom Kenyon - neuroscientist, International sound healer. He just happened to have a certified training course in 3 weeks, signed up and flew to Seattle, Washington. My sound healing journey at a professional level began and continued to grow.....


Thirteen years of experience as a sound healing practitioner,  23 years as a massage therapist RMT. 20 years of experience as a Reiki practitioner, 30 years of private practice with meditation and sounding.


Sound for the soul - Private coaching program

What to expect:

A four week commitment - Once a week for 1 hour

- home practice after each weekly session

- A variety of voice explorations & coaching

-Guided mindfulness techniques

- Therapeutic touch subtle energy introductions

-Sound healing instruments - Tibetan Prayer Gong & Crystal singing bowls


If you are interested in this program, i would highly recommend to experience a sound healing therapy with me first to familiarize yourself with the power of sound.