crystal sound shower Meditation

Free your mind & body...

Elate every cell in your body...


  Sound healing offers a unique & personalized meditation experience. It helps to balance health on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level.


The harmonious sounds of the crystal singing bowls combined with other instruments creates a deep relaxation effect on the body, mind, & spirit.


The variety of sound frequencies enables a natural flow in the body while gently releasing stuck emotions and energy blockages within acupuncture meridians and the chakra systems.


While sound healing has ancient roots, it's contemporary form has been blended with neuroscience and serves as both a form of meditation & a mind body therapy.

The sound frequencies not only provides a full body relaxation experience releasing deep rooted tension but also reduces mundane mind chatter leading to an altered meditative state of consciousness for healing at the sub-conscious level. 


This session is suitable for the enjoyment of an authentic relaxation & meditation experience, transforming negative thoughts, times of transition, support the nervous system, stress management,  spiritual & emotional healing.


.A special gift to yourself or for someone you care for...


Many benefits include reduced stress & tension, deep relaxation, increased joy, positive emotions and confidence,  improved energy & concentration, sleeping peacefully, clarity & calmness, improved feeling of emotional & physical wellbeing.

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75 minutes includes before & after consultation = 85 euro



Review - more in testimonials

I had some idea about music therapy but this sound healing was new to me, nevertheless interesting. I discussed with Angela my experiences with research on mantra chanting in a yoga hospital set up in India which i donated some time there. We talked about how an electroencephalogram reveals some of the secrets of energy work on how it effects healing. I was feeling weak and drained the day of my first sound healing and afterwards i felt like i was more focused and clear. I could tell Angela had the aptitude for sound healing. My second sound healing was very interesting again like the first time. I knew it was Angela that was doing the vocal toning but i felt as if some spirit is talking to me , something which is protective and caring. I had lost the sense of my body, like i  had no weight and like i was flying. It was a feeling which i get sometimes only during meditations. A thoughtless, balanced and changed state of mind. I should also mention that my back pain was gone too! Thank you Angela!

Dr. Singh


* Some feedback received from various open minded clients from all walks of life ranging from Executives, Musicians, Rastafarians, Creative types, Yogis, Scientists, Doctors, Super Moms, Professors, Senior Citizens*....


reduced pain in a specific area of body including  back pain, headaches, joint pain, pain relief for chronic pain sufferers such as Fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid Arthritis,


feeling very relaxed and balanced with a new perspective, clarity & problem solving while journeying into a higher state of mind, subconscious thoughts being released and acknowledged for healing


gentle to intense vibrations & tingling sensations felt in body while deeply relaxed


journeying back to ancient times with eagles, feeling more energized for several weeks after the session,


improved sleeping patterns,


visualized my previous vocal toning session that saved her from a panic attack on a flight,


some of my vocal tones sounds like a native American shaman, a Tibetan monk, and a Gregorian chanting nun


* please note ear conditions, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is not suitable for this session except for Bell's Palsy*(slight improvement indicated)