7 chakra sound healing

Explore  a sound journey embracing  you with harmony & peace.  Your personalized experience will include soothing crystal singing bowls combined with holistic balancing. The crystal singing bowls vibrate high on the frequency scale and may resonate deep into tissues, chakras & meridians. The variety of healing tones resonate in areas of the body that is especially needed for re-balancing.


7 Chakra Sound Healing offers a unique experience as it promotes an inner journey of mind, body, heart connection for a harmonious state of wellbeing.

This session is suitable for the simple enjoyment of an authentic relaxation experience with the power of sound combined with healing touch.

 It is a great treatment to open up your spiritual senses and to help release mental strain, enhance positive thoughts, purifying energy centers & for a mindful connection wtih self. A special gift to yourself or for someone you care for...


 Although sound healing might appear to be New Age, it has been used as a tool for wellness and healing with Ancient cultures including Indigenous Tribes around the world, Ancient Egyptians and Greeks dating back further than recorded history. We are now at an exciting time when much of this knowledge is re-emerging and scientists are researching the positive benefits and effects while bridging the gap between science and metaphysics.


Many benefits include reduced stress, improved physical and emotional wellbeing , increased joy, positive emotions and confidence,  improved energy & concentration, sleeping peacefully, clarity & calmness

Each session is tailored to your need  and is unique as every person is unique.

60 minute = 75 euro

ADE Festival promotion Oct 18 - 27

Restore your positive vibration with a sacred union with mind, body & soul

A personalized experience with vocal toning and crystal sound bowls

45 minutes = 55 euro