sound healing


Sound Healing Inner Journey 



Stress affects our daily performance, concentration, sleep,  feeling out of balance, neck, back, shoulder pain, shallow breathing and so much more........ 

Sound healing awakens the breath of the listener, relaxes the mind and retunes the body & spirit...


 Sound has the ability to penetrate deeply yet gently into places in the body that can't be reached by physical touch. The frequencies can trigger the body and mind's self healing abilities by balancing and restoring energy in the meridians, organs, tissue, chakras & body.  


 Sound Therapy is an inner journey that can provide healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Not only can it shift your nervous system to the parasympathetic mode that allows you to relax, recharge, breathe deeper etc but can clear your busy mind to an altered theta state. This deep meditative state allows an opportunity for sub-conscious thoughts to transform into positive change.


What makes this session special?

   Each session is unique as everyone is unique. The therapist is intuitive & tunes into what is needed at the moment for maximum benefits.


    A free-style approach is used with crystal singing bowls and other sound healing instruments while using a variety of techniques according to the energy field of the individual.

A choice of a neck, back, shoulder massage or Reiki (Japanese sublte energy work)  can be included for this ultimate relaxing one of a kind experience.


A personalized relaxing journey and gift to oneself.


Whether you choose a sound journey session for the enjoyment and relaxation benefits or for a chronic condition, regular sessions  will enhance your quality of life and wellbeing.



 Sound healing inner journey -

60 min -90 euro 

75 min - 110 euro


 Scientific Studies & Documented Benefits include -

reduces stress, calms the mind, clarity of mind/decision support, feel energized, modifies heart rate & blood pressure, increases nitric oxide release  (improves circulation), triggers endorphin release which improves mood & wellbeing, enhances the immune system, relieves or accelerates tissue repair - helps with pain management, balances the nervous system, provides a deep state of relaxation & lowers stress levels, improves sleep quality, corrects imbalances & re-tunes the energetic body & activates chakras, enhances joy and positive emotions.


This session is not suitable for ear conditions or ringing in the ears (tinnitus) & pregnancy.


15 years of experience  

Trained by two international world class Sound Healers.. Tom Kenyon (Neuroscientist) Seattle, Washington & Shanti Shivani Master of Nada Yoga - Berkeley, California, participant of power of sound healing vocal course with international sound healer Jonathan Goldman (on-line), participant of Sound Healing Conference & Training in Santa Fe, New Mexico (with other international sound healer trainers including Chloe Goodchild, Fabien Maman, & Siberian shaman throat singing training,  Certified Reiki Practitioner 20 years, 30 years of daily practice with meditation & sounding, Certified Theta Healing Basic DNA


 Review  with sounding (projecting intuitive resonating sounds with voice)

- more in testimonials with quartz singing bowls sessions

I had some idea about music therapy but this sound healing was new to me, nevertheless interesting. I discussed with Angela my experiences with research on mantra chanting in a yoga hospital set up in India which i donated some time there. We talked about how an electroencephalogram reveals some of the secrets of energy work on how it affects healing. I was feeling weak and drained the day of my first sound healing and afterwards i felt like i was more focused and clear. I could tell Angela had the aptitude for sound healing. My second sound healing was very interesting again like the first time. I knew it was Angela that was doing the vocal toning but i felt as if some spirit is talking to me , something which is protective and caring. I had lost the sense of my body, like i  had no weight and like i was flying. It was a feeling which i get sometimes only during meditations. A thoughtless, balanced and changed state of mind. I should also mention that my back pain was gone too! Thank you Angela!

Dr. Singh - Naturopathic Physician