sound wellness Meditation

Guess what?

You are a sound healer!

If you can breathe, you can tone & heal yourself


Your voice is an instrument of healing.

Proven physiological benefits from humming & vocal toning include

increase of oxygen & circulation, release of stress reducing hormones, increase of melatonin - used for treatment of depression & insomnia, release of neurochemicals to reduce pain.


This unique one-on-one session offers a meditation journey of self-discovery that nourishes the mind, body, heart & spirit.


Explore an authentic mix of vibrational medicine including Chakra Balancing,  Holistic Vocal Toning Coaching & Quartz Singing Bowls that elates every cell in your body,


The combination of vibratory

frequencies from your own voice, my vocal pitch  & quartz singing bowls can help replenish harmonious energy in the body, clear blockages,  balance & align Chakras & Meridians, while creating an entire deep relaxation effect.


Not only can sound frequencies potentially shift molecular structures in the body into a harmonious pattern but can also induce brain waves that evokes an altered consciousness meditative state for healing.


A free-style approach is used with vocal pitch & toning along with quartz singing bowls & other instruments while using my intuition to scan what the body needs at the moment for maximum healing benefits.


Each session is unique as everyone is unique.


A Sound Wellness Meditation can help align the mind, body, & spirit connection as a vibrant & natural approach to holistic health.


This a special gift to yourself or for someone you care for...


Many benefits include reduced stress & tension, deep relaxation, increased joy, positive emotions and confidence,  improved energy & concentration, improved sleeping patterns, clarity & calmness,  release of emotional blocks, improved feeling of emotional & physical wellbeing and more.....



  Sound Wellness Meditation session

60 minutes= 90 euro first session

repeat session - 80 euro



 Certified training in Sound Healing. 12 years of experience. Trained by two international world class Sound Healers.. Tom Kenyon (Neuoscientist) & Shanti Shivani Master of Nada Yoga


 Review - more in testimonials

I had some idea about music therapy but this sound healing was new to me, nevertheless interesting. I discussed with Angela my experiences with research on mantra chanting in a yoga hospital set up in India which i donated some time there. We talked about how an electroencephalogram reveals some of the secrets of energy work on how it effects healing. I was feeling weak and drained the day of my first sound healing and afterwards i felt like i was more focused and clear. I could tell Angela had the aptitude for sound healing. My second sound healing was very interesting again like the first time. I knew it was Angela that was doing the vocal toning but i felt as if some spirit is talking to me , something which is protective and caring. I had lost the sense of my body, like i  had no weight and like i was flying. It was a feeling which i get sometimes only during meditations. A thoughtless, balanced and changed state of mind. I should also mention that my back pain was gone too! Thank you Angela!

Dr. Singh - Naturopathic Physician