7 chakra crystal sound healing

 7 Chakra Crystal Sound Healing offers a unique experience & sound journey embracing you with harmony and peace.  The crystal singing bowls vibrate high on the frequency scale and may resonate deep into tissues, chakras & meridians. The variety of tones resonate in areas of the body that is especially needed for re-balancing and healing on an emotional, physical, mental & spiritual level.


This session is suitable for the enjoyment of an authentic healing experience for the mind, body & soul. An around the world experience of East meets West embracing the power of sound with crystal singing bowls & vocal toning, Crystal Reiki Chakra balancing & a relaxing  head, face, neck, back, shoulder massage.


. A special gift to yourself or for someone you care for...


Many benefits include reduced stress, improved physical and emotional wellbeing , increased joy, positive emotions and confidence,  improved energy & concentration, sleeping peacefully, clarity & calmness.


Each session is tailored to your specific need  and is unique as every person is unique.


60 min combination - Crystal bowl sound journey, Reiki chakra balancing, relaxing head, face, neck, back, shoulder massage = 80 euro

30 minute Crystal bowl sound journey = 50 euro


What to expect from the session

i assess energy imbalances in the body while using improvised vocal toning and crystal singing bowls. A variety of  resonance frequencies are chosen to raise the body's vibration on a cellular level, re-aligning & replenishing energy while helping to  release energy blockages in the body.  The purpose is to restore the body at it's natural frequency for the body to function in harmony & for optimal health. The variety of tones can also facilitate a lucid dream state of consciousness for receptive healing from the subconscious level.


A consultation will be discussed to determine the intention or purpose of the session & after the session i will explain what i have assessed during the session & home care exercises or tips.


Some feedback received  from various clients includes

reduced pain in specific areas of body, feeling very relaxed and balanced, feeling uplifted & refreshed, experienced a tearful emotional breakthrough while having deep healing insight from a broken heart, feeling more open to life and its possibilities, feeling relief from a new energy flowing in the heart area that previously felt emotionally blocked, subconscious thoughts being released and acknowledged for healing, gentle to intense vibrations & tingling sensations felt in body, journeying back to ancient times with eagles, feeling more energized for several weeks after the session, improved sleeping patterns, visualized my previous vocal toning session that saved her from a panic attack on a flight, some of my vocal tones sounds like a native American shaman, a Tibetan monk and a Gregorian chanting nun.


*please note  ear conditions, vertigo and tinnitus (ringing in the ears)  is not suitable for this session*