Sports Massage or massage for runners

Sports Massage plays an important role in recovery and performance.  The treatment is designed for maintenance, relief from pain/discomfort,  preparation for a sporting event or to speed up recovery after the event.

Sports massage & soft tissue therapy can also be therapeutic to old or chronic injuries including ankle sprains, shin splints,  rotator cuff (shoulder) injury,  It band syndrome, Achilles tendonitis, piriformis symdrome , tennis elbow, golfer's elbow.

 What to expect from treatment

A varitey of techniques are performed depending on issue or aim of treatment. Goal is to reduce pain, improve flexibility, mobility & performance.

Discomfort during treatment may occur at client's pain tolerance depending on the tissue health and rigidity, for beneficial results. Cold applications for 10 minutes is advised once at home if necessary.



Massage for Runners is a treatment focused on hamstrings, quads, TFL/ IT- band,  hips, low back, calves, feet. A variety of techniques are offered depending on therapeutic aim or relief. Beneficial while training for a marathon for proven enhanced performance.


What to expect from treatment

A variety of specialized techniques are used to relieve tightness, possible scar tissue, trigger points, improve circulation and  can provide legs to be valuable power tools for enhanced performance.


30 min - 45 euro, 45 min - 60 euro, 60 min - 75 euro, 75 min - 85 euro, 90 min - 100 euro