kids & Teens massage




Yes kids & teens need a great massage too


In my clinical practice in Canada it was very common to treat school kids & teens. 

Massage for kids/teens has many benefits - helps kids/ teens with aches & pains, neck, back, shoulder tension,

  bad posture for example from slouching at the desk, sitting on the couch playing video games,..etc.

Other benefits includes relaxation, calming the nervous system, mind/body/spirit connection 


Reiki sessions for kids 

Reiki - Japanese style subtle energy work from the hands of a Reiki practitioner who has been initiated with Universal Energy from a Reiki Master Teacher

In my experience, kids respond well to energy work. It is especially beneficial for stress reduction,

Reiki sessions are suitable with balancing emotional issues such as depression, sadness, anger due to divorce, separation and more. 

The option of combining Reiki with Massage Therapy can be provided


All sessions 30 minutes - 50 euro

Pakage of 3 = 135 euro