signature deep tissue  MAssage

Whether it be to relieve stress and it's symptoms, reduce muscular tension, ease soreness/ aches & pains, or for specific therapy, the therapist provides safe & effective specialized techniques, tailor made to help you feel your best....You will be listened to with focused attention to provide the best treatment suited for you. 


Aim of treatment may include release deeply held muscular tension, ease pain, improve muscle mobility in neck & shoulders, align muscular imbalances, speed up healing process to muscular complaints, calm the nervous system & relieve stress related complaints,  reduce fatigue, improve sleep quality


Therapeutic massage is effective for

Stress related complaints, Burnout, Muscular soreness, chronic pain, Neck, back, shoulders conditions, Headaches,  Scoliosis, Occupational related conditions,  Poor Posture, Repetitive Strain Injuries/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, Leg pain, hip pain, and many more...


*For scoliosis, chronic neck, back, shoulder pain, poor posture  an intensive session with trigger point therapy is also suitable and recommended for pain reduction and realigment of muscular imbalances. See treatment page to read about trigger point therapy.


 How many sessions do i need?

For chronic pain or muscular complaints a treatment plan of short term sessions can be suggested for long-term results. Each session gives benefits while realizing how tense you were and how loose and better you are now.


This session will complement your on-going visit to the physio or chiropractor.