Therapeutic MAssage

Therapeutic Massage has a positive effect on the immune system, circulatory, musculoskeletal, nervous system and overall well-being.

Specialized massage techniques are applied with focused attention on problematic areas.

  Conditions that may benefit from a specialized therapeutic massage include

Stress/Anxiety, Burnout,  Neck, Back, Shoulder chronic pain/ discomfort, Scoliosis, Headaches, Digestive Issues, Plantar Fasciitis,, Fibromyalgia, Bad Posture, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Sciatica, Sport's Injuries, Multiple Sclerosis, Frozen Shoulder and many more

 What to expect from treatment

 Techniques may vary according to the aim of treatment, condition and pressure may vary from  gentle, medium , firm to deep. Client's empowerment with communication is always encouraged regarding their preference of pressure or tolerance. The treatment is tailored to the client's specific needs and results can be beneficial for tension and pain relief, improved circulation, flexibility, movement, improved sleeping patterns, calming and a relaxed state of wellbeing.