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Whether it be to relax & have a moment for yourself, reduce muscular tension, ease soreness or for specific therapy, the therapist provides safe & effective specialized techniques, tailor made to help you feel your best....


Aim of treatment may include muscle stiffness reduction, ease pain,  seek out  trigger points for pain relief, improve range of motion & joint mobility, align muscular imbalances, speed up healing process to muscular complaints, calm the nervous system & relieve stress, fatigue, improve sleep quality


Therapeutic massage is effective for

Stress, Burnout, Muscular soreness, Chronic pain, Neck, back, shoulders conditions, Headaches, Post-natal Recovery,  Scoliosis, Digestive Issues, Fibromyalgia, Occupational related conditions,  Poor Posture, Repetitive Strain Injuries/Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sciatica, Leg pain, hip pain, Multiple Sclerosis, Frozen Shoulder and many more...


Suitable time or duration depends on the condition, level of stress, tension, or number of areas that need focused attention ..


Time duration options are 30 min - 50 euro, 45 min- 65 euro, 60 min - 80 euro, 75 min - 100 euro, 90 min - 120 euro



This session will complement your on-going visit to the physio or chiropractor.