SPECIALIZED  Therapeutic  MAssage

Therapeutic massage is a well known treatment in Canada performed by a highly trained Registered Massage Therapist.


Whether it be to reduce muscular tension, ease soreness/ aches & pains, or for specific sof tissue therapy, the therapist provides a tailor made treatment to help you feel your best.


Therapeutic massage provides specialized techniques & care with hands on soft tissue manipulation of muscles, fascia, joints, tendons & ligaments. 


Soft tissue massage therapy is a goal oriented treatment that may include releasing deep layers of muscular tension, ease & seek out source of pain, myofascial release, improve muscle & joint mobility, align muscular imbalances, speed up healing process to muscular complaints, improve circulation,  calm the nervous system & relieve stress related symptoms,  reduce fatigue, improve sleep quality.


Therapeutic massage is effective for

All muscular complaints, stress related complaints, anxiety,  post-partum complaints, muscular soreness/stiffness, chronic pain, neck, back, shoulders conditions, frozen shoulder, headaches,  scoliosis, occupational related conditions,  poor posture, repetitive strain injuries/carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, leg pain, hip pain, digestive issues/constipation, sleep disturbance, depression,  fibromyalgia and many more...



 How many sessions do i need?

For chronic pain or muscular complaints a treatment plan of short term sessions may be suggested for progress. Each session gives benefits.



This session will complement your on-going visit to the physio or chiropractor.