Relief Trigger point Therapy/Anti-Headache


Trigger Point Therapy is a specialized technique from a highly qualified professional to help release knots & tight fascia that are causing pain or discomfort in back, neck and shoulders or other areas in the body. Benefits include decreased pain & headaches, increased range of motion, mobility & performance.

 What to expect from treatment


 Trigger points are hyperirritable spots in the muscle band. They can cause pain and increase muscle tension. The aim of the treatment is to decrease pain and improve flexibility & movement. Trigger point release can be intense but always at the client's pain tolerance level. Direct communication is always present and techniques are used with skill and care. It is possible that the client will feel discomfort after the session and may possible linguer from 24 to 48 hours. A cold compress after the treatment is advised to reduce irritation for 10 minutes.

Trigger point therapy is suitable for office workers, weightlifters, cyclists, triathletes, runners, Scoliosis, anyone with stress, headaches & discomfort...etc.