Workplace wellness massage

Bloom Workplace Wellness Massage offers a highly qualified professional service.


Workplace Massage creates a strong and valued workforce

Reduce workplace stress

 Ease work related conditions

Boost wellness awareness & employee morale



Workplace Wellness Massage on a comfortable massage table is unique compared to the traditional office chair massage. 

A wellness table massage targets more areas effectively while providing calming & restorative benefits for the mind and body.

For office workers a massage table has an advantage that a massage chair cannot provide as it targets important sitting muscles additionally & can relieve the low back.



Suitable space includes a private office area, wellness room, meeting room ..etc.




Expert hands & knowledge

Professional massage table

Relaxing Music

Uplifting Mood Boosting Natural Aroma Scents

25 minute sessions

All hygienic supplies


Choice of 1 time offer ( wellness budget, special occasion, employee appreciation reward) or a weekly, biweekly, monthly program


For more information please contact Bloom Wellness Massage below.