Sports Massage


This session is a specialized massage focusing on problematic areas or treating muscular tension, tightness & stiffness. Most commonly used for active/sporty clients, strength training and conditioning.


A variety of techniques depending on aim of treatment may include deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, body alignment techniques, Swedish for enhanced circulation & tissue repair.


Sport massage is beneficial for the athletic type at any level who is training for an event, race, requires maintenance from aches & pains or is active on a regular basis with sports.


Suitable time duration depends on how many areas in the body need work and if additional relaxation from intense training is needed. Most popular 60 min, 75 min




 Deep Tissue Massage for legs 


 The major benefit of this session is that it relaxes legs and focuses on hips, gluteal muscles, tense upper and lower leg muscles, helps to reduce adhesions/ minor scar tissue, trigger points for pain/soreness reduction, improves range of motion and circulation.


  Useful for runners or training for a marathon, post-event race, cyclists, anyone who requires attention to their hips & legs


 Suitable time duration is 30 min - 50 euro or 45 min - 65 euro


This session will complement your on-going visit to the physio.