Post- partum recovery Massage

This nurturing massage is just as important after the baby arrives as it is during pregnancy because of the many emotional and physical readjustments.

The relaxing and restorative massage is designed to support healing and recovery by alleviating muscle soreness most common in upper/low back and hips, reducing muscular imbalances,  relaxing the mind and body, ease fatigue & post-partum stress.


Mama will lay comfortably face down during the massage. If breast discomfort is experienced then sidelined with pillows can be an option. 

Safest position wih c-section is sidelined with pillows depending on healing process.


Post-partum massage is suitable when comfortable to leave the house....*Up to 5 - 6 weeks is most beneficial for  back/hip muscular realignment/ imbalances and chronic pain prevention.

For a ceserean section a massage after 6 - 8 weeks may be suitable depending on healing process. It is advised to consult a doctor first before session.