Pregnancy in bloom

 Bloom Pregnancy Massage
  plays an important role to help relieve nagging aches & pains, increase circulation in legs to relieve calf pain or for just  well deserved relaxation after her first trimester. Mama to be will rest in a comfortable sidelying  position with pillows   Massage can relieve areas of discomfort in the neck, shoulders, upper/low back, hips, buttocks, it-band, hamstrings, calves or for a relaxation massage the pressure may vary from soothing to medium pressure.


Regular massage during pregnancy can help reduce & relieve complaints in problematic areas such as sciatica, trigger points (knots) in upper back, it-band tightness, calf pain....and more


  50 minutes = 60 euro


 What to expect from the treatment

As a qualified massage therapist specialized in pregnancy massage, i am trained in all safety measures and precautions related to pregnancy massage. Pre-natal & Post-partum massage is beneficial for reducing & relieving complaints in problematic areas, or for a restful relaxation treatment. A consultation will be available to assess if there are areas of discomfort that need attention.