specialized pregnancy massage

   This specialized pregnancy massage provides safe and effective techniques for mama - to - be after her first trimester.


Aim of treatment can vary depending on her needs, whether it be for physical discomforts or to just simply enjoy well deserved relaxation.


  Focused attention may include scalp (head massage),  neck, shoulders, arms,  upper/low back (gentle in low back), hips, buttocks, it-band, hamstrings, calves or for a relaxation massage the pressure may vary from soothing to medium pressure.


Please note:  Mama to be will be lying comfortably sidelined with pillows on a massage table.



Regular massage during pregnancy can help reduce & relieve aches & pains.



Extra info

Pregnancy table with hole for belly vs laying side-line on a massage table with pillows 


I specialize in pregnancy massage and have  20+ years of experience.

In Canada, i had a very busy practice working with pregnant women who would be treated on a weekly basis since it was covered with health insurance.

Pregnancy massage positioning with pillows in a side-line position is my preferred choice as a highly experienced professional. 

 In my opinion & research,  this is the safest positioning vs a table with hole to rest belly in.

It also allows me to target effectively areas essential for a pregnant woman including the quadriceps (front of the legs), hips, it-band, gluteal muscles for low back pain issues, neck & shoulders.