reiki & sound healing Therapy

Reiki is a japanese healing art based on Universal Energy flowing from the hands of a Reiki practitioner who has been attuned in this sublte gentle healing. Hands are placed on or above the chakras to allow energy to flow harmoniously in the body for deep relaxation while releasing held tension and emotional strain. A special meditation is included to uplift your spirit and relax your mind.


Sound has the ability to penetrate deeply yet gently into places in the body that can't be reached by physical touch. The frequencies can possibly alter brain waves into a theta state of consciousness for deep relaxation and can create an energetic flow to unblock, cleanse the meridians, chakras & body. A free style approach is used with crystal singing bowls and other vibrational instruments while using my intuitive guidance. 


This unique holistic therapy is an energetic vibrational modality that re-aligns and creates harmony with the mind, body & spirit.


Session is suitable for everyone interested or receptive to the healing benefits of Reiki & sound healing or for stress, burnout, depression, negative feelings, anxiety, transition in one's life, sadness, heartbreak and many more.....


A consultation will be included to enquire what your need's are or preference whether it be more Reiki, sound healing or a balance between the two.


Not suitable for ear conditions including tinnitus or pregnancy


Reiki & Sound healing - 1 hr = 85 euro

Reiki , Sound Healing & Massage Journey 

90 minutes - 135 euro (click in treatments Sound Healing & Massage Journey for more info)