Bloom Women's RELAXATION MASSage

Bloom Women's Relaxation Massage plays an important role to help you find the peace and balance for relaxation of the mind & body. Reduce stress and melt away tension with this general full body Swedish massage.  Gentle to medium pressure is applied to help calm the mind, rejuvenate your body,  rest deeper and to let go from the stress of the day.

What to expect from this treatment

Healthy touch is a necessity to nourish the mind, body, & spirit. This sedating full body relaxation massage from gentle to medium pressure includes a soothing scalp & foot massage for stress reduction.

Heated oil is  used as tools for an enhanced relaxation effect and calming essential oils are diffused.


60 minutes - 70 euro


PLEASE NOTE - For a firmer massage and for specific muscular tension relief please choose Signature Bloom Massage


60 minutes - 78 euro