Reiki & sound healing meditation

A brief consultation is included in this 1 hr session to know a little more about you and why you chose this session. This will help personalize the session and where to direct my attention.


Reiki is a Japanese healing art based on Universal Energy flowing from the hands of a Reiki practitioner who has been attuned to this subtle gentle healing.


Hands are placed on or above your Chakras to allow  energy to flow harmoniously in the body for deep relaxation while releasing held tension and emotional strain. A special guided meditation will be included to uplift your spirit and relax your mind.


7 major Chakras are energy centers in your body that can influence your feelings, emotions and body. They hold the key to spiritual awakening, psychological well-being and physical health. Stress, negative energy, repressed emotions, people in your work with toxic energy, trauma, a bad designer or plant-based drug experience etc can all contribute to imbalances in the Chakra system. Chakra healing work through sound and Reiki can help shift your energy into a  balanced state for positive health benefits.


Sound has the ability to penetrate deeply yet gently into places in the body that can't be reached by physical touch. The frequencies create a flow that can cleanse, dissolve emotional & stagnant blockages, balance & replenish energy in the meridians, chakras & body. A free style approach is used with crystal singing bowls and other vibrational instruments while using my intuitive guidance to scan what is needed for maximum healing benefits.


This wonderful holistic approach of reiki & sound healing creates harmony with the mind, body, spirit leaving the session feeling vibrant, peaceful, balanced and light. 


"The tune up"  1 hour session - 85 euro 

"Diving Deeper" Package of 3 - 240 euro